SOL Tactics

It is a tactical module for online team FPS. The first version was made for Combat Arms,
because I like this game very much and consider it best among online FPS games.
We add to the game a new player ("Commander") with a unique gameplay.
Some hacker techniques are used to access game data, but despite that, the game IS NOT A CHEAT.
All the developers of SOL Tactics hate cheaters, so we abandoned any ideas even slightly resembling a cheat.
We do NOT show enemys positions on the tactical map (though we thought of highlighting the current target
at which the player shoots, but this is close to a cheat, so screw that), and we do not highlight players
on the display.

Regular players should not be concerned with the existence of SOL Tactics.
Our software is intended mainly for teams and clans.

The essence of SOL Tactics:

Commander actions:
The commander launches the Commander Terminal, selects a map to play and network options:

After that, a tactical terminal opens.
It displays the selected map.
The subordinates are shown on the panel below and on the map as dots with their path.
Right-click to select a destination. When a destination is selected, a list of orders opens.
You can hold the right button and left-click to select on order. Subordinates are selected with the left button.
Shift+click to add to current selection. The orders are sent to all selected units.
In the upper left corner, you can change the quality of subordinates window.
The lowest quality consumes about 2 KB/s. Medium quality 10 KB/s. High quality 25 KB/s for each player.
Select the quality according to your connection speed.

Actions of subordinates:
The Client window opens. Select a local or Internet server.

Combat Arms is started. On login window, the player presses Alt+Tab and switches to the client.
Press "Connect to CA and server". The player must switch back to the game within 5 seconds,
otherwise there is a higher probability of critical errors in the game.
It is probably connected with the anti-hack protection.

The player screen displays his last order (above in the middle) and the destination point (indicated by a red arrow and the range finder).

The player can send reports to the commander. By default using Numpad buttons 0 to 9.
There are seven predefined reports.
On position
Need support
Low ammo
Low health
Three more reports are not defined and may be used as agreed by the commander and his subordinates.

Currently this game is made without the knowledge and support of NEXON Europe.
I hope the developers will like the idea and we can turn it together into a high-quality and interesting implementation