Welcome to SOL team's website.
We specialize in developing 3D graphics software, as well as in software porting, localization and publishing.
In our gallery you can watch videos and screenshots showing some of our products.
Read the technical details to learn what technologies and equipment we use.

You can also learn about Shader Config, a shader IDE developed by us. Download its distributives or watch tutorials.

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New Tactics

With experimental Counter-Strike Source support.
HUD plugins!
Change Log

Full release Tactics - Combat Arms

Stable release with all CA maps.
Change Log

First release Tactics - Combat Arms

The first real tactical online game ever.

Shader Config 0.96b release.

A new version of Shader Config is available. It features Direct3D 9 HLSL support and some additions.
Shader Config 0.96beta

New articles.

Several articles on game development and common mistakes in this sphere have been published.
Crysis 2.0

Release date!

Shader Config 0.96 supporting DirectX and with some new features and fixes is planned to be released on April 25.

Website started!

The Russian version of the website is now fully operational.