Q:What is this place about?
A:This website is devoted to creative work and activities of SOL team.

Q:What am I doing here?
A:You are reading the FAQ.

Q:What does the SOL team do?
A:We develop and port 3D graphics software. Mainly it's games, simulators, sometimes editors and utilities.

Q:Can we buy one of the games in the gallery?
A:Copyright for the games in the gallery is mostly held by our customers, so we cannot sell the games or their source code. However, you can order development of a similar product.

Q:How much does it cost to develop a game?
A:The price range is very broad, from 400 euro to infinity. The cost of software in the gallery does not exceed 5000 euro. Contact us and we will discuss your project and costs.

Q:Does the gallery display all of your products?
A:No. We cannot display all of our products due to agreements with our customers, and some products are not yet finished to the point when they can be published.

Q:What programming languages do you use?
A:We write both in compiled and interpreted languages. Compiled languages we use include C++, Object Pascal; interpreted languages Lua, Python.

Q:What platforms do you write software for?
A:We have much experience in working with Windows and Linux. We also have some experience in developing for Mac OS X. We have not worked with mobile platforms yet, but we are interested in it.

Q:Can you write an online casino?
A:No. We do not develop web applications. Our team has no experts in this sphere. Even this website was created by another team of developers.