Information about SOL Tactics

Tactical module for Online FPS.

Main features:

  • Ability to unite players under the command of a "General"
  • Can be used in any game with minor adjustments
  • Classical tactical terminal
  • HUD Plugins

  • A unique project adding tactics to games where earlier it could only be dreame of.
    The project is developed by fans of tactical games with firsthand experience of how a usable tactical interface should look like.
    It is possible to command your armies even while on a airplane using a laptop with GPRS modem (with lowest settings and 4 subordinates, it consumes about 8 KB/s, so standard GPRS connection is sufficient).
    At the moment, only two games (Combat Arms EU and Counter-Strike Source) are supported.
    If the project gathers enough people interested in it, we will continue to develop it, adding new maps and support for other games.
    Change Log