Information about Shader Config

    IDE for shader development.

    Main features:
  • Real-time debugging directly in the target application
  • Code autocompletion
  • Comprehensive interactive help
  • A big set of Lua functions allowing to build complex test scenes

  • You can learn about the features and capabilities of Shader Config by watching our tutorials.

    You can download the distributive on the download page.

The Drivers folder contains MESA Software OpenGL Driver ( In case your video adapter does not support shaders, you may use this driver to develop and test your shaders. They will be executed much slower than with hardware acceleration, but vertex and fragment shaders will be fully available. To use Mesa drivers, put opengl32.dll and glu32.dll into the folder containing the executable that uses OpenGL (e.g. in the folder with ShaderConfig.exe to use this driver in the editor) or into Windows/System32 to use Mesa drivers in all OpenGL applications.
Note: The new version supports DirectX9 HLSL, but it is possible that it is considerably less stable than OpenGL, since OpenGL has been tested on various projects for about a year, while DirectX support was introduced only several months ago and is not used in our internal projects.
Exception: Shaders created in beta versions of Shader Config may be used without any limitations for any purpose, including commercial use.